Saturday, December 24, 2011

Welcome to Your New Home, Finny!!!

This summer, I bought a fish bowl at a yard sale for 25 cents.  I thought, "maybe we'll get a fish someday".  Well, here it is, 2 days before Christmas and we finally got our new addition to the family...a beautiful beta! 

We got the bowl ready the day before...the kids loved decorating it!

We made the trip to Petsmart a special event that was in our advent calendar.  We looked at bunches of little bettas, but picked the first one that we all saw anyways...he was "the one".  He wasn't scared of our finger when we touched the side of his bowl...yay! 

Blake got to carry him to the car, Taylor got to hold him on her lap for the ride home...(gotta keep it all even with TWO kiddos!!lol!)  We set him next to our bowl for a couple hours, then acclimated him to his new home!  He immediately swam around, even went into his new cave dwelling!  He seems to be right at home!

We spent a couple hours trying to come up with a name that we all liked...we narrowed it down to:  Blue Bell, Herbert, Finny, Oscar, Sushi, or Flipper!  We finally agreed on FINNY!  All day, we just kept looking at him!  We really love having a little fishy around! 

Taylor's chair is right there, ready for her viewing
pleasures!  She knows that she can't touch the
water or she'll make him sick.
Wasn't even gonna write about this morning, but decided I'd tell the whole truth...I woke up and headed for his bowl to see if he made it through the night...he looked like a goner.  I watched him for a while and it appeared that he may have passed and got stuck in one of the holes of his cave. ( I intentionally waited until "right" before Christmas, so that we could hopefully have a live fish in the bowl until at least Christmas!)  I though, oh didn't even make it to Christmas Eve....I was really bummed, like I could almost cry...not so much for the little fishy, but for all the work and effort and naming...I knew the kids already counted on him being part of the household...I called my sis to figure out what to do...go buy a new one, or just tell the truth and let them learn a sad lesson on Christmas I was thinking what to do, I walked back to the tank and there was "Finny", looking up at me, fluttering his little fins, wanting his breakfast!  YAY...he was just sleeping!  I am such a dork!!!  We all got to feed him one tiny pellet of food...he's happy and so are we!

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