Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Free Time Tuesday

After the guys went fishing, we decided to cancel our boat rental for Wednesday. This bay is huge, has too many unmarked shallow areas, and is getting rougher and rougher. We especially feel this way with the surprise, pop up thunderstorms! That means we have the rest of the week FREE to do whatever we want!

This surely was a day free of plans, rushing, obligations...we sat on the beach while the kids crashed into the largest waves we've seen here. They even met some other kids to play with. The craziest part is that I even napped a bit while laying back in a beach chair!!! This is huge for me, I can barely even nap at home, in my own bed! Billy napped too...lol. When we got hungry, we walked across the road to the Caribbean BBQ truck that was right across the road. We had some grouper and shrimp tacos. Yum! Back to the beach for a bit, then we decided to cook the Spanish Mackerel and sea trout that the guys caught on the fishing trip. Captain Fred went way out of his way to deliver it, all filleted and ready to eat, all the way to our front door! We ran to the Shell Shack to have some fresh caught shrimp steamed with the fish dinner. Talk about an authentic, fresh coastal dinner...yum again! Watched the sunset together and called it a night...true relaxation!

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