Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thursday- Another Rainy Day

Storms again. Rough water again. It would be REALLY easy to get bummed, but we aren't. The kids are so happy to just hang out at the condo. Billy and I are the ones that get disappointed by not getting to do everything we planned. We haven't been able to do much fishing or for that matter, even enjoy the water much...but, we also haven't been at home, with chores, errands, cleaning, working, school work etc!! This is still vacation, outside or not. We relaxed, I downloaded pictures, the kids played was another lazy day. 

When the sun popped out, we got motivated to go grab lunch at the famous Killer Seafood, which is also right across the street. We ate more fish, some soft shell crab, and Blake's new fave...scallops again. We got swimsuits on and headed beach bound. In that moment... Billy is fishing the rough water, Blake just wants to "battle" the waves, Tay is doing research on the Bottle Cap Jelly Fish and I'm writing my blog...lovin' this!


We made gourmet bacon cheeseburgers, even though it was kinda late. After all, we're on beach time, right?! We sat around the table asking each other questions, laughing and cracking up. We went out to see the pink crest on the waves from the leftover sunset, it was a beautiful sky.

Unfortunately, we witnessed what looked like a rescue effort taking place down by the pier. We saw ambulance, spotlights, and rescue watercraft out searching with big spotlights and flashlights. Billy and I immediately began praying for safety over all involved. It literally sank my heart at the thought of someone being lost out there. The waves and currents were unusually strong and seemed different than they had the days before. The undertow was so strong that Billy made us get out of the water. The waves would roll in and then you could feel it pull you to the side, so hard that if I held Tay from being taken sideways, you could see the current flowing hard around her. We continued to go out on the balcony to check on the rescue, just wishing there was more we could do to help. Sad end to the night.

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