Friday, July 10, 2015

Mexico Beach...Here We Come!

Billy had to work until the last minute, so the kids and I finished packing and took our poor Sofa pup to the kennel. We hate leaving her behind, we comfort ourselves in knowing that it's a good professional place of boarding, and besides...Sophie loves us and wants us to have good times, with or without her. Tay even cried when we got home, poor sweetheart.

The kids and I packed until the very last minute, Daddy got home and we took off at 8pm! The kids are little traveling pros now, they pack their most important items (ya know, electronics & snacks) and they are happy passengers!

We drove til 4:30am before pulling into a rest stop for a quick nap. And we will chalk the fact up to bad timing, that NO naps were to be had...grrrrr. Well, Daddy got a bit of a snooze, but Taylor had just woke up and kept asking, "When we gonna get back on the road?", EVERY time I closed my eyes the little stinker just wanted to get to the beach. I can understand how difficult it is for a kid to just sit there, waiting for us to sleep, so I reorganized the van a bit, dug out some makeshift breakfast, and got us back on the highway. What was hard to swallow, wasn't the little Debbie Honey buns, it was the fact that the same little impatient beach-goer was fast asleep within minutes of hitting the road! lol! (kinda :/)


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