Saturday, July 11, 2015

Hello Florida!!

We hit ALOT of roadwork and small towns along the way that slowed us down, but we still got here super early! We decided to check out the canal, pier park, got Daddy's fishing license, then drove on to St. Joe's Bay. We saw the marina, then stopped at the edge of the bay to walk out and explore. The kids immediately started finding seashells filled with little critters. Crabs everywhere! Every glance into the seaweed provided a new finding! They already love it, Bubby declaring that it's already, "the best vacation ever!"

We took a swim and the pier to pass some time, waiting for our condo. The water isn't as blue as Anna Maria, but we promised not to compare. It IS 4 hours less driving, so we are keeping an open mind. Plus, the kids couldn't care less, Blake just wanting to go out further, Tay happily digging in the sand already.

We got into the condo early...IT'S BEAUTIFUL! Amazingly close to the water, awesome views from 3 different levels of balconies! We love it! We barely unpacked, headed back to the water. Kids just playing, Billy and I trying to relax a bit, after pulling the "all nighter"

As usual, for us, there had to be something mess with us...the fridge didn't seem very cold...ugh...we had steaks and everything for a weeks worth of eating in there. We called the owner, Angel, she was very understanding and is going to have it fixed asap. Very nice to deal with. Everything's back in the cooler, we won't let this little thing mess with us! Looking forward to an awesome beach week!

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