Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wednesday- Not quite a Wash

We woke to a raging sea, storms on the horizon. We spent the better part of the morning, sipping coffee, watching the weather roll in. Thank goodness we aren't scheduled to be out on a boat in the bay today! The stormy weather didn't keep Billy and I from doing our walk to search for shells, we got rained on as we ran back though.

We had a slow morning due to the rain, but decided to take a drive to the Cape San Blas peninsula. It cleared up just in time to see the beautiful sand dunes! I love sight seeing on new beaches! This beach directly faces the gulf, has tall tall dunes, and is located on the edge of a thin long peninsula. It's the border of St. Joes Bay. The Cape is absolutely beautiful, mixing lots of nature with million dollar beach homes.

We walked around the bay side, then crossed over to the beach. We found some really cool jellyfish creatures here! They were scattered all over the beach, we took pictures and couldn't wait to research them. Thanks to google, never being more than a swipe away, I checked on my phone and found that they are a button style jellyfish and are harmless...shew, we're safe!


We stopped at Toucan's for dinner on the way home. The kids have been begging to go there because they have a cool tiki-bar theme to them. Similar to a Margaritaville restaurant, totem poles everywhere with a beachside playground and volleyball net. We had some fish, scallops, and beachy drinks before heading home to cool off in the waves.

And waves THEY WERE! The kids can't get enough of the crashing, I'm making Taylor wear her lifejacket...she is like a bouy out at sea, bobbing all around. I don't mind the rough waters, until it makes my tummy a bit icky. Billy is downright sick of it, so we took a break to bury Blake in the!

We spent the evening catching sand fleas for fishing, chatting with our beach neighbors, as we watched another sunset.

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