Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday- Gone Fishin'!

The kids and I surprised Billy with a guided fishing trip for Father's Day, the day has finally arrived! Tay and I were gonna go along but decided to let the boys handle the fishing while we did some souvenir shopping. First thing Tay wanted to do was grab a donut from the donut truck that's conveniently parked right across the street from our condo! We took a walk along the beach, the water was perfect. It's an awesome, calm, sunny day...beautiful for sight-seeing AND fishing! We could hardly wait to hear about their trip!

Taylor and I must have hit every single beach shop in the area and we couldn't find her "special souvenir". She had her heart set on a stuffed sea animal to go along with her stingray from Anna Maria Island, thank goodness we found "Cherry" the crab and her baby "Chip"...shew!

The boys had an awesome time with Captain Fred. Blake caught his largest fish to date, and they both lost a few giants as the reels ran out of line and snapped! They saw a school of stingray, a puffer fish, and sea turtles.
 We went back to the condo to hit the beach and ride some canal currents. We ordered pizza, making sure not to miss a single sunset! We had a great night.


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