Sunday, July 12, 2015

Wake Up, Wake Up, the Sun's Up

I didn't sleep that well, so when my phone alarm went off at 6am, I was startled. It's ok, I would rather still wake to an alarm than miss the sunrise and the beach! First thing I did was step out onto our balcony, Blake came right after. He volunteered to go start our "beach camp" set up, to save our front row! He's been so grown up lately...I just love him. I could see him walk down, setting up the chairs...he would look up and I would motion, "move a bit this way", he would move, set them down, look up and motion with a thumbs up! He got the perfect spot for us! You just can't beat coffee and a biscotti, over looking the gulf on the first morning of vacation. We prayed over a wonderful week together, we expect nothing less :)

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