Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday- the last day

We woke up, ready to make the most of this last day. The water seems quieter, but there is officially a riptide caution, so we headed down to see the BIG Mexico Beach Chair, canal and pier. We ended up stopping at the canal park to let the guys do some fishing. Taylor and I trekked over to the east end of the beach, it is the dog-friendly section, so we got to see some pups enjoying the waves!  This secluded part of the beach was wonderful! The water was turquoise, clear, and since it was a bird sanctuary, it was super quiet! We loved exploring this side of the beach. I wish we had done it sooner because I bet we would have spent some more time here. 

We went back to our "neck of the beach" and still squeezed in a bit more water time. Taylor decided she had had enough swimming and would rather go up to the house and play on her tablet, until she decided that we looked like we were having fun and wanted to join back! We made the very most of every last second. The boys cast their last casts, we crashed all the waves we could crash, and took our last Mexico Beach selfies. It was finally time to head in to pack up. It's always sad when the vacation comes to an end. We will be happy to get back to our Sofa pup, that's for sure.

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