Friday, December 30, 2016

Blessed With Buddy

It has been so much fun having Buddy and Nutmeg around this holiday season. Buddy has hung from each tree, sat in the kitchen on baking day (with his handmade apron and oven mitt!), posed with a bow tie selfie decor, posed with selfie reindeer ears, sat in the window to see the first snow of the season and even fell and bumped his head-needing bandages and a day of rest!

Taylor and Buddy have kept in constant contact with our little Elf book. They write back and forth often! Taylor and Evie even made him his own office, complete with artwork, a desk and stool! He is one lucky loved little elf! Santa brought him a tiny teddy bear for Christmas too! Buddy has so much cute stuff here, that he asked Taylor to pack it away and keep it safe until next year. We used his original book box to use as a keepsake. It will be fun to unpack it for him next Thanksgiving night!


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