Friday, December 30, 2016

December Memories

Taylor got to invite Daddy to the PSE "Donuts with Dad" event. They headed to school early one morning to have breakfast together. The also got to build a toothpick and marshmallow creation! It was a great morning!
 We got to attend the annual "Pancakes with Santa" event at PSE too! Daddy and the kids got served flapjacks thrown style! They had to catch em! I was helping with the door check-in for PTO but got to sneak in to see them. Tay got to see Santa too!

 We invited Maddi and her family to join us to help decorate St. Peters City Hall. It was a cute community event to get the kids involved with the city officials. Kids got to make an ornament and then an officer helped them hang it on the city tree.

Taylor and Evie had their end of year performance for DRAMA CLUB! They played Twiddle and Twee, and they did a great job with Mrs. Cassel! So proud of them!

We carved out some time for special winter moments, including smore's by the fire, gettingm to find Buddy around the house-in his many silly situations, and

Billy surprised Blake with tickets to go see the new STAR WARS movie on preview night! We tricked him good...he laid his clothes for the day on the end of my bed before he got in the shower, we replaced the shirt with a new STAR WARS shirt. When he went to put his clothes on, he noticed the shirt and was like, "hey, thats not the shirt I picked, where's my shirt?" We told him to look closely at the shirt, he noticed it was a STAR WARS shirt, but still didn't "get it"! We asked him if he liked it and when he said he did...we had to give it away and tell him! LOL! He rarely gets to go see the  movies while they're still at the theater, so this was a really awesome surprise! 
And just days before Christmas, we had a "cookie bake-off" & baking day! Billy and Blake teamed up against Tay and I to make special Christmas treats and take votes from Allison, Andrew, Aunt Sissy, Uncle Danny, and Aunt Susie. Boys made peanut butter krispy chocolate-covered balls, and us girls made pill bottle cookies and white chocolate corn flake balls...the competition was fierce...I think the boys won but who's counting?!

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