Thursday, December 15, 2016

Texts from Santa- Today's Technology!

Somehow, Santa got Taylor's phone number and began texting her little messages! She would wake up and be so excited to see what he had to say to her each day. Sometimes it was an elf helper that texted but mostly it was Mr. or Mrs. Clause! 

It all started on December 1st with a text and continued all through the month!

SANTA Dec 1: Hi Taylor, this is Santa! Someone who loves you gave me your number because you've been good this year! I'm writing to all the good girls in St. Peters on the new iphone that Mrs. Clause gave me. Say Hi to Sophie for me! HO HO HO!!

SANTA Dec 2: Taylor it's Santa! Tomorrow is Dasher's birthday and the Elves are planning a surprise party! St. Peters is too far to join but I'll send pictures!

TAYLOR Dec 2: Oh well then say Happy Birthday to Dasher for me

SANTA Dec 3:  Hi Taylor, we're having a surprise party for Dasher's birthday and he's about to walk in! -Here's Dancer, Prance and Vixen about to surprise him!
SANTA Dec 3:  We all wish you and your great dane Sophie were here! Wait...Dasher is walking in now-look how surprised he is! Happy Birthday Dasher!
TAYLOR Dec 3:  Awww happy birthday!

SANTA Dec 4: Hi Taylor! I heard the elves say they were working on a special gift for a girl in St. Peters! Could it be you? Be extra good this weekend!

SANTA Dec 5:  Taylor, the Elves want to paint my sleigh a new color this year! Let's have the kids vote on what color to use! Send me you and Sophie's vote!

TAYLOR Dec 5:  How about green because it's a Christmas color?

SANTA Dec 6: Hi Taylor, it's Mrs. Claus! Only 19 days left! Santa left his phone in the funniest place. Look closely at the note I left to see where!
TAYLOR Dec 6: lol he must really like cookies

SANTA Dec 11: It's been busy in the North Pole! Please tell your brother Blake that we have a great Christmas morning planned for him! We haven't forgotten him! HO HO HO!

SANTA Dec 11:  Taylor, I'll be going over my good list of girls soon! Clean up your room today for extra points! Remember Buddy is watching!

SANTA Dec 13:  All of the children's texts have been counted Taylor! The color with the most votes is BLUE! I let the elves paint it for just this one Christmas!
SANTA Dec 14:  Its the 12 days of Christmas, Taylor! I hear that you are helping St. Peters have the highest number of good girls! Keep up the good work! The elves made up a bonus reindeer game! Give a hug and say Merry Christmas to someone (or some Great Dane) for each of the 12 Days of Christmas!

SANTA Dec 15:  Hello Taylor this is Mrs Claus! I'm borrowing Santa's phone while he's out feeding the reindeer! Say HI to Sophie for me too!

TAYLOR Dec 15: ok

SANTA Dec 16:  Only 9 days left and I have a busy weekend coming up! I'll be working on the good list for St. Peters so be extra good over the weekend! Love, Santa

SANTA Dec 17:  Taylor, Santa's been working on his good list this weekend and starts with the girls list tonight. Should I try and get a picture for you? -Head Elf

TAYLOR Dec 17:  Yes please

SANTA Dec 17:  I'll sneak in his workship tonight and take a picture for you. Just be extra good and I will send it tomorrow!

SANTA Dec 18:  Guess what Taylor?! I snuck back into the workshop last night and took a picture of Santa working on his good list. See if you know anyone on it...
SANTA Dec 19:  Taylor it's Santa again! With 6 days left, the elves start the official present wrapping week! Millions of Lego kits and Hatchimals take a long time!

SANTA Dec 20:  Taylor, its present wrapping week and all the elves are here. They remove their shoes before entering the workshop so there are elf shoes everywhere!
SANTA Dec 21:  Hi Taylor, I saw your name glowing on my good list today and I realized that it happens every time you do something nice for someone!
SANTA Dec 22:  Hello Taylor this is Mrs Claus! Today I was looking for antler cleaner and found an old picture of Santa's workshop. How quickly 120 years go by!

SANTA Dec 23:  Hi Taylor it's Santa. With only 2 days left, I'm meeting with Buddy tonight to go over the plan to get to your tree this weekend!

SANTA Dec 24:  This is Santa's leader elf, Buddy put in a request to stay a little longer and Santa granted him one extra night! He gets to stay until Christmas day! WOW!

SANTA Dec 24:  Hi Taylor! Just wanted to say a quick hello before getting the reindeer ready. St. Peters is one of my first stops so get to sleep early tonight!

SANTA Dec 25:  Taylor, the reindeer and I made it back to the North Pole. I hope you, Blake and Sophie enjoy everything I left for you! Merry Christmas! Love Santa

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