Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve 2016

The kids woke up early, asking to open "just one little present"...I! I usually have the advent calendar include a scripture about GIVING and then let them each open one gift. This year was no different, they got to open the gifts that were from each other. Blake gave Taylor a huge Mc2 science kit and Tay gave him a 6 month XBOX live account. Tay was thrilled, and while Blake appreciated her gift, he was a bit bummed that it wasn't something to actually play with. Even an almost 13 year old likes to stay busy playing! So...I let them each open "just one more" and they were both happy as clams. Tay got a pair of snowflake earrings and Blake got a smartwatch, I love happy kiddos. Blake went to figure out his watch, while Tay did some science experiments. The kids also gave me a great gift...they got the front room tv to show a cozy fireplace with Christmas music! YAY!

We got ready first thing, because Allison and Andrew were headed up for a visit. It was so nice getting to visit with them, and getting to know Andrew more. It ended up being a short visit because they had plans for the evening, but at least we got to see them. It was already a blessed Christmas Eve.

The kids started begging to open our presents, it seems they want to do it earlier and earlier each year. Billy and I were trying to hold them off, but then since we are all just home for the entire day, we figured, why not?! We let Tay say a prayer of thanks, for God giving us Jesus and said Happy Birthday to Him, it was really sweet. We were excited for the kids to open gifts to as this was a special Christmas for Blake because he got something he has been wanting for a long long time...his own pc in his room! We did make him wonder if he was getting it, we let him open every other gift and kept making comments about how we hope he wouldn't be disappointed. Billy even wrote him a poem riddle thing and wrapped it to make him go searching for it. He found a gaming pc in his room, under his desk. He was the happiest kid ever, and of course, that makes us the happiest parents ever too. Tay got a VR headset and other science kits. she was happy with her gifts and even happier for Bubby getting what he really wanted! She was so sweet, she was hoping he would get a pc, I love that she cares about her big bro. Billy got me thej foot massager that I asked for and the best gift ever for books! I get to print our last vacation book and THE NEXT ONE!!! We get to go to Sunnyside Fl next year! Billy got a special capo, some clothes that were needed, a griddle, and a digital record player. We also got some hand made gifts from the kids, those are always the most precious.

This is the gift that Taylor made for Daddy and I. It was a cute little reindeer card that read: Dear Mom and Dad, I'll always remember when we listen to music while driving to a volleyball game. The song that is always on is "Send my Love". MERRY CHRISTMAS! It was filled with little coupons that we can use, including chores and a 10 minute chat together...sweetest gift!

Billy always seems to find a way to be creative with his gift giving. This year, I knew that a vacation was not going to be given as a gift, so that was out. I had asked for Blog2Pring money so I could print more blog books and I'll be darned if he didn't find a way to squeeze vacation in! He printed out a picture of the beach we plan to visit next summer, and wrote that I can print a blog book AND a Book for our next vacation! I'm a happy camper!
Aunt Sissy and Uncle Danny came over to celebrate Christmas Eve with us, we always LOVE this tradition! They came bearing gifts and yummy foods, we all ate snack foods like bacon-wrapped chestnuts & brussel sprouts, chili cheese dip, horseradish dip, smoked salmon, and of course a ton of sweet cookies and cheesecake. Such a! Afterwards, we exchanged gifts...they always go overboard and give us huge gifts. They gave the kids a few toys and games, then $100 each! Crazy Aunt Sissy! They gave us a ton of stuff too, including this expensive skin care set, panera bucks, and a macys gift card. We were excited to give them a couple practical things followed by a gas grill! I know they love to grill, I really hope they will like this! We ended the night by playing some games. We played Heads Up, and then LCR...Aunt Sissy won a couple times, but then Taylor kept winning, eventually ending up with over $10- lucky thing!It was a great night, kids went to bed around 9:30, after reading The Night Before Christmas book with Daddy. We were all ready for Santa, what a blessed year it has been.

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