Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Day

We actually got to sleep in a little bit, it was probably 6:30 before Blake came down and hung out in the bedroom with me, waiting for Daddy and Tay to wake. It wasn't long before Tay was up and ready to see what Santa brought. We woke Daddy, got our cameras ready (along with a cup of coffee and some cookies) and were ready for them to come see their goodies. Sophie was the one whining at the door, wanting to come! The kids came out and where thrilled to the max! Santa brought Taylor the Snuggles puppy, Zoomer Chimp, and a dj mixer! Even more than she expected! She must have been really good! He brought Blake the other piece to his room, a 32" tv/pc monitor! He is besides himself. He even said, "I can't believe it, I don't deserve this." But the thing is, is that he DOES deserve it, he is a great, caring kid with a big heart. He does love his YouTube and gaming and we want him to be happy. He is almost 13 now and has proven to be pretty responsible, now he can continue to post his famous videos and learn more about home architecture and design!

After presents, everyone went to do their thing, play with their toys, and I even ate Christmas cookies while getting a foot massage! We started the ham dinner, made a breakfast casserole, then waited for Aunt Sissy, Uncle Danny, and Aunt Susi to get here.When they were all here, we had ham, sweet potatoes & hashbrown casserole. It was a really good ham that Aunt Susi bought for us, yum. Then we exchanged gifts with Aunt Susi and played more LCR...this time Aunt Susi and Blake kept winning! They were the lucky ones! The boys put Diana and Danny's grill together, Aunt Sissy played with Tay upstairs and we enjoyed just hanging out. It was a really great year and blessed Christmas! Thanks God, for your son and all the wonderous promises that come along with it. None of us are deserving, but thanks to your grace, we continually receive your love! So thankful!

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