Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas Celebrations

Blake got to have his Christmas Party at Rokita dance center and it happened to be on the same night as Taylor's volleyball team party. Talk about a night of Blake got to eat a whole plate of huge donuts and play games with his class. #carboverload

Tay's volleyball team is just the best, we have gotten to know the parents & kids through all the sessions and it has turned out to be such a blessing! Especially Coach Tina, she is so generous...she paid for the girls to celebrate at Pizza Street and then brought them all gifts, EVEN FOR THE SIBLINGS! They all got Christmas fuzzy socks, a chick-fil-a toy, AND a Claire's gift card! Taylor got a pair of tall striped socks and said, "I've always wanted a pair of tall candy cane socks! I just love them so much!" Tina really goes above and beyond for these girls, we are so blessed to have her as our coach.

 We also got to have a Christmas Carol Party with friends from church! It did take us two tries, but who's counting?! Norm, Linda, Bob, Trudy, Pat, & Ginny all planned to come over on Friday evening, we planned a chili dinner followed by some music playing (or listening, in my case). Unfortunately, the weather changed and it began to ice, becoming REALLY dangerous on the roads. After Bob and Trudy tried to get here and couldn't, we had to call it off. We were so bummed. Thank goodness, it all worked out for that following Sunday afternoon! We did a repeat...and it was wonderful! We loved getting to visit with everyone, singing Christmas songs together, and even learned some new sign! Pat hadn't played much of her flute lately and did awesome, it was all so much fun that we decided to make a regular thing of it!

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