Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blake the Heavy Weight...

Blake had a follow-up doctor appointment right after school yesterday.  I picked him up from school and we headed straight there.  He looked a fright, what had he done at school to get so messy.  His jeans had glue spots here and there, his knees were dusty, and shirt spattered with "something".  I should have brought a change of clothes, but was busy running all day, so the doc would have to see us the way we were! 

Blake had to get new shoes and arch support inserts to help his feet grow properly, so that was one of the main things the Dr. wanted to see, so when Blake walked and I heard "noise" coming from his shoes, he said they were full of gravel from the playground.  I had him empty them into the trash can, so they wouldn't empty all over the floor when he took them off for the doctor.  He said that he had gravel EVERYWHERE because they were sliding in it a recess...GREAT!!

The first thing the nurse did was weigh him and the good news is....he's growing!  He had almost 3 pounds in 3 weeks... WOW!   The doc even commented how he is now within the normal range of the growing curve.  Then he found out that he had to get two shots.  It was bad...he started begging me to not let him get them.  He had taken his shirt off and was about to sit on my lap, when I noticed these huge bulges at his pockets.  I said, "What in the world is in your pockets?"...Blake says, " I told you that I had rocks everywhere!"...Oh my goodness, his pocket couldn't have fit one more rock.  Not just tiny gravel, 1" rock !!!  I said, " No wonder you gained's the rocks!"  Blake says, "Uh-oh, I didn't think of that...I wonder if the doctor wrote in pen?"  He's sooo silly!  I told him he had to tell her about it when she came back and the office was cracking up!!

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  1. Funny! Kanin comes home with all kinds of gravel rocks in his shoes. I don't see how it can be comfortable walk around all day with rocks in your shoes. Be careful that they don't get stuck in your washer. It can ruin the motor (as we found out a couple of weeks ago).