Sunday, November 21, 2010

Scouting for Food

Boxes ready to be filled with lots of food!!!
 Over the weekend we participated in Blake's cub scout food drive.  We decided to make it a family event, since the more help the better.  Last week the pack delivered bags to people's homes, asking for a food donation to help those who are hungry. This week the pack met at the school parking lot, got designated maps of the local subdivisions, and them headed out to pick up the bags that people so graciously filled with food. 

I was the "driver" while Billy, Taylor, and Blake rode in the back of my suv with the gate up.  I put on my hazard lights and slowly proceeded to each house that had a bag of food on their porch.  I would yell "bag alert, bag alert" (which, I'm sure became annoying!)  as I came to a stop, Blake would jump out, run up and grab the bag and pack it in the truck.  They would yell, "ready!" when it was time for my to roll to the next house.  We had a system going!  It was a ton of fun and we collected alot of food!

Heavy sacks to carry
"I got another !!"
The guard dog just watches while the kid steals food off the porch...
Hard at work!

We met up with others from our den and met back at the school to drop off the food.  We had to mark out the UPC code (i guess people might actually try to take donated food back to the store for cash??) and then sort it into categories, box it and deliver it to the HOPE food bank.

Taylor helped too!!

With so many people helping and so much food donated, it looked like a HUGE success!!  I love these events that the entire family can join in to help with!

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  1. Fun! Did you come by house? I was afraid that I was too late because I forgot to put it out. I looked on the bag and it said they would pick up 9-3 and it was 11. Luckily, though, I looked out at my neighbors' houses and they all still had their bags on the porches.