Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fall Decor

I was looking around the house, as my pies were baking, and thought...Friday I will take down all the fall decorations and redo with Christmas...which made me kinda sad because I LOVE fall colors.  My newest fun decor was:  candle holders from a yard sale ( $2.00)  with three real pumpkins from the fruit market. (I rub them with olive oil to preserve them and make them shine)  I will use them to bake pumpkin bread when Thanksgiving is over.

A happy scarecrow to greet at the door:

On my buffet, I took a "yard sale" vase, filled it with faux leaves and cornstalks.  At Halloween, I fill it with candycorn and spooky cornstalks!

The kids tape fake leaves on all the windows, I want to buy tissue paper and let them make their own next year so the sun can shine through the fall colors!
Sophie's favorite place to see out the window!

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  1. Love the pumpkin idea! Really cute. Love that Sophie is looking out the window, "Why can't I go out and play?"