Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

October... time to decorate with spooky gourds, carve pumpkins, visit local farms, hayrides, pick apples, and get lost in corn mazes...what's NOT to love about Autumn?  The beautiful leaves, the approaching holidays, getting to dress up in costumes...oops, I mean getting to dress your "kids" up in their favorite costumes!!! 

Growing up, my parents would let me have Halloween parties, we'd invite everyone in the class, haunt up our house, bob for apples, and make bowls of mystery mush to let us kids feel around and try to guess if they were eyeballs or brains between our fingers.  Mom and Dad would dress up to scare us or make us laugh.  My parents dressed up for as long as I can recall...looking back, I guess just because they were the oldest parents of ANY of my friends didn't stop them from making sure we had a good time!

When we moved from the lake four years ago, I had never been "trick-or-treating" in a neighborhood before...just to the mall or at school.  I absolutely LOVE to take the kids around our subdivision.  The neighbors know them and make up personalized goody bags for them filled with candy and toys.  We start out pretty early since the kids are little and that lets them collect plenty of candy and still get back in time to sit on our front porch to give out candy to all the other little trick-or-treaters!  My kids bring home their candy, dump it all out on the table to admire, pick 10 pieces, then put all the rest back into the candy bowl to give away.  They love to give it out to the other kids and that works out perfect for us too! 

This year, they were so excited to give it out that I had to tell them to calm down!  Kids would come up toward the house and both, Blake and Taylor would run to meet them and then start shoveling all the candy they could with both hands into their bags.  Then as their "customers" leave they are saying "thanks, come again"...I had to tell them thank you for being such generous givers, BUT let's make sure to have some left for the next trick-or-treaters!  LOL!

Blake & Mom's                                 vs                            Taylor & Dad's

waiting for customers!

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