Sunday, November 14, 2010


My posts are usually happy family memories.  This time I am just feeling overwhelmed, maybe this is "normal" family life, I'm not doing well at keeping it up.

This week has been hectic for me.  I only have two kids and I am a stay-at-home Mom, so maybe this is just me, but...I have been literally on the edge of tears as I head to these many activities, the thing about it is..most of the things I'm doing are things that "I" wanted to do, things that "I" scheduled, things I love to do.  What is wrong with me?

Monday I took Blake to school, ran back home for a parents-as-teachers appointment for Taylor (whick meant I had to clean house too!), worked out at the gym, ran errands, picked Blake up from school, fixed dinner for the kids and headed to church at 6pm.  We got home at 9pm.

Tuesday I took Blake to school, met a friend at my house for an hour, packed lunch, headed to a play date for Taylor (and me), picked Blake up, headed to st. Charles for the gym, went to dinner with my Sis, got home at 8pm

Wednesday I took Blake to school, met my sis at the gym, went to find shoes so my feet won't kill me at the gym, picked Blake up from school, headed straight to the doctor so he could get shots (which was a nightmare), ate pizza in the car for dinner, took Blake to meet my Sis so she could take him to the movies (which made him feel better after shots...thx Sis), visited a neighbor who popped in, Blake got home at 8:30 and then off to bed.

Thursday I took Blake to school, came home to work on consignment sale stuff at the last minute, ran to Costco with a friend, took back the shoes that didn't work out, picked Blake up from school, fixed dinner, headed to dance class, then ran back to the house to pick up Taylor, get Blake into his cub scout uniform, then off to a pack meeting and got home at 9pm.

Friday Blake was out of school, I took him with me to drop off sale items in St. Charles for the kid's sale, had a short play date at McDonald's so we could see friends that we otherwise couldn't, then ran home, fixed lunches for on the go, snacks and drinks for the park, grabbed Taylor and headed to the play date that we've had planned for a month with all the friends, then home to make kids nap, then get them up and dressed to be dropped off at Aunt Susie's so that my friend and I could make it to the kid's sale to shop home at 8:30....

Saturday we tried to make it to the cub scout food drive and school grounds clean-up, but never made it.  I had double-booked because we had our first ladies ministry meeting to decide which charities to create or be part of and I decided to go there instead, all thanks to one of the wonderful ladies, Shirley.  She is truly a Godsend, she called and said that she had a weird feeling that I might not make it to the meeting and I broke down, telling her what I had going on and that I'd be there, but might be late.  She prayed over the phone for our stress to leave and for Blake to feel better ( I failed to mention that during all of this hectic stuff, Blake is constipated and can't GO!  He's sitting on the pot every second we're home and I'm constantly rushing him b/c we're late- poor kid)   I feel uncomfortable when someone prays for me because I don't feel that my problems are worthy.  There are people out there that "really" need prayers for "real" problems, anyways, I am soooo glad she did that for us. It's as if she had been living at my side the last week, she knew EXACTLY what to pray about. It worked...I'm so glad I made it to the meeting,  I absolutely love my church and all the people in it!  After this meeting things are better...I'm glad I waited to post this because, yesterday, when I wrote it, it was totally negative! 

I guess when you factor in all the little, repetitive household chores ON TOP of all this it can make things crazy like:  Fixing lunches, snacks, laundry, cleaning, homework, errands, bill paying, and dinner wears me out!  Next week I am going to schedule in some down-time and pray!  Thanks to my friend  April Westerhold  who reminded me that I need to be thankful for the hecticness in my life, my kids, my family, and my friends....i couldn't imagine life, crazy or not, without them.

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  1. It does get overwhelming. I think the day-to-day life things are more stressful sometimes than the huge things. I have really started to learn that I just cannot do everything and maintain my sanity. We do the best we can and that's all we can do! You are a great mom, wife and friend. The world is blessed to have you in it!