Monday, September 23, 2013

Billy's Birthday

Today is Billy's 47th birthday. I planned out a recipe that he has talked about for years, to make as his b-day breakfast....biscuits with chocolate gravy!  I packed all the ingredients and woke up early to get it started. The kids woke up early to be my little helpers!

sleep-eyed kiddos, ready to help!

it was good, his plate is cleaned!

still checking things out!
We gave him a nice little ocean-view b-day breakfast, along with some home made gifts. The kids, secretly made him special cards the night before, they love to surprise him! He had plans to go fishing, but was rained out. Instead, we waited for the storm to break and took a nice long walk down the beach to go shelling. We found a baby hermit crab and tons of cool shells.  We barely made it back to the house before the rain came again, it was still a wonderful morning!

Look at that Happy Birthday Boy!

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