Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Vacation-Day 4

It's now our 4th day...Wednesday. At 3AM, I heard crazy wind, then the power went out. I woke Billy, we opened the door to see the storm and noticed our boogie boards being carried away by the wind. I ran out to save them and came in with a dozen cock-a-burs in my hands and feet! OUCH!!  At 7AM...still raining, and now the city has set up pumps to drain water from the street (houses are flooding), meanwhile flooding our path to the beach....ugh!! I wish I could have the same attitude that the kids have. Taylor just made me a "thank you" gift. Blake declares that this is the "Best Vacation EVER!!", while wading to the beach earlier! and Tay just said a prayer over breakfast, to thank God for this wonderful adventure, (and to keep Sophie safe at the kennel)...they are such awesome little troopers!

the flooded view from back door

The "thank you" gift from Tay, ironically
has a rainbow on it! :)
More crafts...

more crafts....jellyfish!

saved "Finney's twin gecko" after Daddy almost washed him
with the dishes!

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