Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Flooded Full Night

Now I am just feeling sorry for Billy and I, the kids are fine. We officially have cabin fever...we decided to "wade" into town and visit historical Pine Avenue. As it turns out, when you are in a small community, things CLOSE by 5pm...we will just "look" at the sights, who needs to shop or eat ice cream when everything else has gone wrong, anyways?!?!  ( really, "laughing. out. loud." ha ha ha!) We saw the old time city jail and everything there was to see on Pine Ave. Then decided to take a ride on the trolley, at least it would get us out and about and keep us dry, well that is unless Taylor or I were to vomit on was a quick and very short ride, we jumped off a couple miles away and did find some souvenir shops that were still open.  Then we walked through the flooded streets, washed ourselves off at the city park, and hitched a ride back to our neck of the island. We walked back to a bait shop/market and got dinner to take home. One thing I can honestly say, is that if it hadn't flooded us so badly, we would have never walked Anna Maria Island and explored quite like we did!  We got back home, watched "The Book of Manning" and called it a night...a flooded, but full night.

after storms bring beautiful sunsets!!

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