Saturday, September 21, 2013

Oh, the ocean...

Ready for the ocean!
 After we got done exploring the beach house, we headed for the shore! It was wavier than we expected, but that's okay. There have been some major storms in the gulf, but not here...we have prayed them away, so a few crashing waves won't hurt a thing! (Well...except for Blake's other knee) We all waded out and let the waves rock us around. Taylor, literally screamed at the top of her lungs...continually, with delight! Billy and Blake tried to boogie board, it was hard. I tried once, caught a wave (and it is only 3ft deep or so) and I rode it for a sec, then it tossed me and then rolled me...a few times! Fun was had by all!

Rolled by a wave!

Biggest smile ever!!

We watched to see if the baby turtles would hatch

We ended the evening by walking miles up shore. All the while, the kids were picking up seashells, excited about each new find to add to their "already growing" collection. Blake found out that he SHOULDN'T go barefoot, he got a cockle-bur stuck in his foot...ouch!  We ordered pizza delivery and went to bed early...we can't wait for tomorrow!

A lot of time was spent looking in the telescope

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