Sunday, September 22, 2013

Loving this Island!

After hanging out at the beach, we decided to do a bit of exploring. We headed north to Bean Point and then stopped to check out the Rod n' Reel Pier. This is a very popular place to fish, there were a ton of people throwing in their lines. As we walked out onto the pier, we saw fish swimming around, everywhere...we even saw a dolphin! It was awesome and it totally made our day!

We relaxed a bit and then got ready for church. We were invited to one called "The Bridge", by our beach house realtor. She was super nice and we loved her church! When we arrived, we were escorted as visitor V.I.P's! They totally welcomed us and treated us like royalty. The kids hung with us and as we stepped inside, the music was rockin'! It was right up Billy's We met Pastor Mark Alt and enjoyed his message, it was about prayer and was really eye-opening (another post to come). The kids really enjoyed it too but couldn't wait to get back to the ocean to see the sunset.  Turns out that we were a bit late for a sunset, but Daddy took by the ice cream shop for a nice treat. This really was an awesome day!

Ready for church!

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