Thursday, September 26, 2013

Oh Glorious Day!!

Oh! The Glorious day we have been waiting for...The weatherman claimed that Thursday would be better, but we weren't about to get our hopes up to be let down again, but guess what?  It was!  The sun came up! Hallelujah!

Because around our house was still flooded and the wind was still crazy, we explored the bay side of the island. We did some fishing, ate at the City Pier, and then decided to hit the beach, rough waves or not!  We drove to Coquina beach again and loved the gulf side for swimming. We fought the waves, dove into waves, and rode waves on our boogie board! We grabbed pizza and headed back to the house to fish and swim at "our" beach. 

the sun, the clouds, the bay

fishing by the pier

We built sand castles, Taylor collected clams (including a special princess clam) and set up "homes" for them in her sand bucket.  Blake and Billy did some fishing and we truly enjoyed the sun and the beach!


Billy made us some margaritas to take back to the beach to fish and watch the sunset. All was finally right with the world!  As we headed out, I noticed a few ladies headed down the, still flooded path to the beach. One looked elderly and needed carried over the deep puddles. Billy set his load of beach stuff down and went back to ask if he could help, I just cried, partly because I felt for the woman who needed carried, partly for the family who had her in their arms, but also because of how selfish I had been. I've been thinking, this whole time, "why would this have to happen-and mess up our 1st family vacation?" I'm so sorry for being so selfish, this is our "first" vacation that was mostly rained out, but what if...this could be that woman's "last" vacation or that family's "last" vacation with their mother? And just like that...everything changed. I said a prayer for that family and then caught up with Billy and the kids to watch the beautiful sunset together, after all, it was the night we had been waiting for.

Blake caught a mackerel!

Loving the sand and teeney clams

jumping for joy!

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