Saturday, September 21, 2013

WE ARE HERE- it's meant to be!!!

We finally got to Anna Maria, and even got to check into the beach house early! We couldn't wait to run inside and check it out! The kids were screaming that they LOVED their room, Billy and I were saying, "WOW...look at that view!" and "Wow" to just about everything! The coolest part was when Taylor noticed a teeny little house gecko...this means, not that we just found a lizard in our beach house, but that EVERYTHING was meant-to-be, because...we had a wild little house gecko, named Elmore. He was found at Billy's work and obviously not from our area, so we took care of him, loved him and planned on bringing him to Florida with us, to release him. We had him for over 8 months, but didn't make it to his trip back home... we were really sad to lose him.  So when the first thing we saw, was a baby Elmore (he even had the same crook in his tail) it made us remember Elmore and know that this was the house for us! lol! geckos keep bus out and are considered a sign of good luck! This was a wonderful little blessing- meant to be!

Turns out that "Elmore II" has a Mom!

the view!

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