Saturday, September 28, 2013

Headed for Home

I stayed up late, getting all packed up and ready to head for home. I'm sad to leave, but excited to see our puppy dog and to get back into a regular routine. We hit some orange grove stands on the way home. The ride home was longer than the trip there. We stayed the night mid-way back and that added to the length of it all.
Good-bye little, you can't hitch a ride in Daddy's shave kit!!

seeing a gator!
Taylor, having her little anti-nausea wrist bands on and a dose of Dramamine, was happy and singing ALL THE WAY HOME!  That's 17.5 hours of listening to her laugh and sing...not that I'm complaining, because it could be more like the trip there, with fighting and such!  Both of the kids did really well on the ride, I am really proud of them.

happy reunion
This has sure been one memorable adventure. I think the next one may need to be an all inclusive resort though! lol!

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